Islankjur is an archipelago north of Galahadrium inhabited by a rural, agrarian, and seafaring society centered in the city of Reykjaven on the isle of Katla


The region is mostly inhabited by dwarves and drow who are both hardened against the harsh conditions here.  The dwarves stay near the surface and live a quiet, agrarian lifestyle in Reykjaven and surrounding settlements while the drow live in the Underdark around the fortress of Arkena.


Islanskjur's climate is extremely arctic with summer temperatures usually breaking just above 40 F while winters get as cold as -50 F.  The frequency of storms in the region exacerbates the extreme temperature conditions making storms of freezing rain and blizzards commonplace.  The inhabitants of the islands rely on the magical and thermal activity to provide life-sustaining temperature control in residences and other buildings against the climate.  The ocean around the islands is also particularly violent with protected bays being the only safe haven for ship-mooring and ports to the outside world.



The largest and main island in the archipelago that is shifted far enough from Eyfjalla as to now have settled into the ocean as a normal island.  The weather patterns on Katla are still very heavily influenced by the nearby magical maelstrom above Eyfjalla.


The second largest island contains a single hunter's settlement used as a base camp for the Fraternity of Large Game Hunters. It's proximity to Eyfjalla levitates the island around 25 ft above sea level and allows it to drift very slowly with the wind and tides. Hekla is much closer to Eyfjalla causing its weather to be more extreme than Katla, but it is still largely habitable for those with the grit and limited survival skill. Additionally, the arcane energy or Eyfjalla has latched onto the creatures on this island making them more powerful than their untouched counterparts and also making them substantially more valuable on the world market.


Grimsvotn is the smallest stable island in the archipelago located just on the edge of the Eyfjalla maelstrom. With this proximity, the climate on the island is extremely severe with strong winds, magical precipitation, and even some reported changes in gravity.  The island floats 500 ft above the surface of the water and has been known to shift fairly dramatically (within 50 miles) making reaching the island particularly challenging. Expeditions into the center of the island have been unsuccessful to this point but have also not been attempted by many. It is possible that the island may hold many arcane secrets…


Askja is the current island of formation in the Eyfjalla maelstrom and the believed residence of the infamous Captain Jones, ruler of Bucaneer Bay. Little to nothing is known about the island aside from the control that the pirates exert over the surrounding area.


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