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Chapter 1

Welcome to the Adventures in Aia campaign portal!  Our group of adventurers has journeyed the frozen Northern Wastes region of Islanskjur as members and new members of the [[International Adventurer's Guild]]. The Guild Hall here has requested aide from other chapters to refill the ranks and help rebuild the organization's presence on the island. 

As they approach what is going to be their new home (for now), the question burns on their mind: what happened to the previous members of the guild, and is it something they should be worried about? Will they find the adventures they seek here, or move on to new and exotic places after helping this chapter? Only time will tell as we proceed through the first chapter of the Aia Chronicles!

Chapter 2

The ragtag crew of adventurers has saved Islanskjur by destroying the shadowy, partial form of Athalas. The Trickster God, Zehir, tried to raise his daughter from beyond the plane of death under the nose of the Raven Queen by harvesting a torn soul from the group's friend and mentor, Orsik. Although he died in the process, her reincarnation was stopped, and the party escaped the pocket dimension with their lives.

Davy Jones sent his captain, Malek, to hire the party to resolve a conflict in the Harpoon Isles far to the South… So the party boards a rickety boat dubbed "The Friend Ship" and set sail away from this frozen wasteland. Who knows what dangers await our party in that tropical paradise…

Home Page

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