Chronology in Aia

The residents of Aia mark the years based on the conclusion of major divine or extraplanar events with the Common Era (CE) being marked from The Sundering. The three eras of Aia are marked by the Plane Wars of the First Era (1E), the Pantheonic War of the Second Era (2E), and the current era (3E) which as not been ended by a major world event.

The years are subdivided into twelve moons, most of which are marked by a deity each although some regions mark their seasonal months differently associated with their regions seasons.  The moons are marked as such:

Northern Hemisphere Southern Hemisphere
The Raven Moon Pelor's Moon
Moradin's Moon -
Avandra's Moon -
Corellon's Moon Sehanine's Moon
Kord's Moon -
Melora's Moon -
Pelor's Moon The Raven Moon
Bahamut's Moon -
The Moon of Mortals -
Sehanine's Moon Corellon's Moon
The Erathis Moon -
Ioun's Moon -

Elder Gods


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