The Aia Chronicles

The Witch of the Wild

Crazy Werewolves & How to Cure Them

While the party sleeps Robert Pattinson talks with Orsik. Orsik expresses his regret about Aiden’s fall and the death of his crew. Orsik also reveals that he is just a super great guy like a paladin type guy. Orsik talks about leadership and how over the 300 years that he has had 175 adventurer's guild members die and he feels bad about it.

Grog awoke and Told the party of his Vision!

“You dream of lightning and a wild ocean, and your small craft rocks and wavers in the might of the storm. You look up and see a dark grey sky swirling above you with lightning breaking the darkness to reveal the desolate and violent seascape around you. A bolt of lightning strikes from the sky to destroy your raft, and you hear the booming voice of Kord crack across the ocean as you fight drowning, "GROG!"
The ocean around you swirls and forms a mighty whirlpool that drags you under the water and towards the darkness below. The pressure grows, and the water fills your lungs, yet you do not die. "Do not be afraid… these are things that you must see," the voice booms in your head. Lights appear in the distance, and the edifices of an underwater city comes into focus. Serpentine humanoids swim amongst the buildings, and the voice resumes, "The ancient Naga stronghold of Odhelhi. Here used to lie one of the grandest temples to my love, Melora until Zehir the Trickster attacked and destroyed it for the Sahaguin Priestess, Rikshaza. Queen Jyana recovered what she could, but one of my storm bolts remains trapped in the ruins." You move swiftly past the underwater metropolis and see on the ocean horizon a great ruin covered in aquatic fauna and guarded by sharks and other strange beasts. "My wish for you, Grog Stormsorc, is to obtain this rod so that all you meet shall know that you are one of my favored." Your ethereal body passes through the stones of the ruins and you see the Storm Rod wedged between the stone in a darkened room of collapsed rocks. "I have foreseen that this Orsik Holyhammer will prove valuable to this quest… I feel that the 'benefits' of his curse may prove useful, but my vision of the future is limited. Keep him alive if you can; he still has a part to play in this tale…" The voice fades leaving you alone in the dark, but as you scan the room, a gaping maw of teeth rushes towards you, swallowing you whole.”

The party discussed for a long time and decided to take Orsik back to town and jail him. Grog promised to watch over him and take responsibility for his actions. Grog planned to rope oskarson in on it to help to.

Regardless as they were talking they were attacked by bandits! The party slaughtered the bandits.

The last bandit was disintegrated by a random witch who appeared out of nowhere in a magical flying cabin. The witch Serene who offered to cure Orsik if the party would bring her:

  • The blood of Athalas (at a temple in the underdark near the Drow city of Karaza bring two vials (500 gp for extra vial))
  • Waterlillies of Melora In the temple near Odhalhi the Naga city. She gives the party some super potent Gillyweed.

Serene told them some miscellaneous information about the Muffin of Peace!

For those going to the underdark they need to go to the drow village of Sereni.

- Grandma Nim has a quest hook in Sereni

Look for a street urchin named korax he can sneak you inside the underdark

There is a mad countess who is currently in control of the underdark.
For those going underwater the best bet is to talk with Captain Jones



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