The Aia Chronicles

The Battle of Friendship (s)

Pirates on the High Seas!

Start Corellon's Moon, 2
Duration 1 day
End Corellon's Moon, 3

"We have a very rare delicacy on board… IT'STHECONTENTSOFOURCHAMBERPOTSTHUNDERWAVE!!!!" Grog begins aggressive negotations and immediately takes out three pirates and the cannon trained on the Friendship. After taking more casualties and hearing the thunderous boom from the nearby ship, reinforcements quickly rush from the ships cabin including a rival priest of Kord! He immediately begins to heal the wounded pirates to attempt to swing the battle back in their favor, but repeated shatters and thunder waves undid most of the clerics work. He finally retaliated by casting his own thunderwave at the Friendship to hit Nydry and Nim.  

Nydry jumped on board the pirate ship and attacked the cleric with her Shocking Grasp to prevent his Thunderous Rebuke (on Grog's advice), but the cleric used his Divine Eminence to empower his mace to knock Nydry unconscious, but Nim avenged the brutal assault.

Meanwhile, Grog, his magic blade, and Mizuki are working together to eliminate the captain who puts up a hard fight parrying blow after blow. However, between the two of them, they brought the captain to brink of unconsciousness at which point he chooses to flee. As he runs down the stairs, Nim's Magic Missile flies through his body causing him to go lifeless on the deck of his ship. The one remaining pirate in the crow's nest yields.

Grog ties the Friendship to their newly acquired sailing ship dubbed the Friendship 2 while those crew who had not died in battle stabilized or died from their wounds.  The scared pirate in the crow's nest informed the group that there was a group of mutineers in the cells on the ship. The group goes to investigate and finds a burly Drow named Tarn with a group of other Drow in the cell. He tells Grog that he led a mutiny against Captain Kern after they raided a merchant vessel and began slaughtering the women and children on board, "No need to slaughter innocent people if you can just take their goods and send them on their way."  Nydry and Tarn exchange harsh words concerning the Drow's involvement in her family's murder, and the entire crew get a little uneasy around the vengeful wood elf.  Grog tells the party he would like to rest for the night, and the party sleeps on their new ship taking watches over the meditating prisoners.

The next day, Grog approaches the captured pirates and casts Zone of Truth to learn their true intentions. After some lawyering of words, Grog determines that:

  • Tarn and the rest will not harm or rob the party members unless they feel that they're being put in danger unnecessarily.
  • Do not like the party or the situation but prefer press ganging to death.
  • Revealed that sailing during the day in the equator will be very difficult at which point Grog says they will sail at night instead.
  • The Drow are very afraid of Nydry and want to be promised protection from her. Grog agrees to try to keep Nydry from attacking the party and will give them a head start to escape once they reach Tortuga.

The Adventure Friends have now captured a new ship and have a new crew! 



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