• Adrick Bronzeanvil

    Adrick Bronzeanvil

    The generous and jovial owner and proprietor of the Bronze Anvil Magic Shop
  • Captain Lianna (Deceased)

    Captain Lianna (Deceased)

    The flamboyant pirate captain of the Lightning Trident
  • Dete Afia

    Dete Afia

    The Gnomish Magistrate of Cheliax controls her governors through political guile and military respect
  • Fustuka Brassmine

    Fustuka Brassmine

    The pragmatic and greedy Dwarf lord controls Khazad Farad elected officials through bribery and economics
  • Gardalas Aalseervoron

    Gardalas Aalseervoron

    The ruthless and efficient Empress of the sprawling Drow empire
  • Gura Silverfinger

    Gura Silverfinger

    The senior barmaid at the Drunken Fish in Reykjaven
  • Jax Reckrag

    Jax Reckrag

    The oafish cook of the Lightning Trident
  • John Smith

    John Smith

    The overworked deckhand on the Lightning Trident
  • Jolly Roger

    Jolly Roger

    The unnaturally cheerful and helpful ghost of Buccaneer Bay!
  • Kryx Thunderscale (Deceased)

    Kryx Thunderscale (Deceased)

    The silent first mate of the Lightning Trident
  • Mardoc Skaxrin (Deceased)

    Mardoc Skaxrin (Deceased)

    The owner and operator of Mordoc's "Winter Clothing" Emporium
  • Nesyax


    High Priest of Draconia, the direct descendant of Bahamut and figurehead of his religion
  • Orsik Holyhammer

    Orsik Holyhammer

    The altruistic Adventurer's Guild Master in Islanskjur
  • Tososs Iren

    Tososs Iren

    The Grand Magister of Essmus leads a small oceanic kingdom of nativist humans.
  • Zyrax Chelius

    Zyrax Chelius

    The flustered and prudish innkeeper at the Drunken Fish