The Aia Chronicles

Welcome to Reykjaven!

Session 1, 3/21/17

The adventure begins! Grog Stormsorc cleric of Kord met up with Cam Durron the Druid who was convinced by the rain that he needed to go to the sea. On the ship the Boxmover they traveled across the atlantic to Annan where they met a despondent halfling youth Mizuki and an elderly Gnome wizard Grandma Nim. Both were convinced to travel north to Islanskjur to seek adventure and glory!

Meanwhile in Europe an ex-slave tiefling warlock Marlin and a promising young dragonbrorn monk Zarfus are also traveling north towards Islanskjur for reasons of their own in search of further guidance from their patron deities.

The PC’s traveled to the port city of Noran (N tip of Isle of Minora) and met up with Captain Liana a Half-elf pirate, and minor pirate lord, who is the captain of the only ship that goes between Minora and Iskanskjur, the Lightning Trident.

The PCs were given a group of supplies to take to the Guildhall in Iskanskjur

Grandma Nim was given a warm cabin. Cam was given a quiet cabin. Grog was given a little bit of rum (but not enough).

They left the port of Noran and traveled north to Iskanskjur, during the journey…

  • Nim trained Jax to be better at cooking than he was, but still not very good.
  • Cam tried to grow plants… but failed :(
  • Zarfus and Mizkui discussed monastic traditions.
  • Zarfus stole some ale and meditated… no one noticed.
  • Grog tried to convert John to Kordisim.
  • Marlin read some of the Captains books and stole pocketed some unattended items.

    • He found 1 piece of info about the Elder Gods!

They arrived in Reykyavan and went to Mardoc’s Winter Clothing Stand, and buy all the winter clothes using the items that Marlin lifted from Captain Liana’s cabin.

They went to the Drunken Fish tavern

  • Mizkui had too muh coffee got pretty buzzed
  • Zarfus and Grog discussed theology over some rum
  • It was Cam’s first time in a Tavern! He was awkward.
  • Marlin joined the poker game.

They journeyed to the Bronze Anvil to get instruction to the Adventurers guild

  • Grandma Nim purchased the material components to summon a familiar.

The party stayed the night in the Drunken Fish Tavern.

The Next Day

  • Nim purchased Tinkerer’s Tools
  • Marlin purchased a large winter tent



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