The Aia Chronicles

Backstory Series: Nydry, a Rebellious Princess

Journey to Elmdale

Start Mortal's Moon, 1
Duration 6 Days
End Mortal's Moon, 6

Mortal's Moon, 1 – 2

With Rose's departure, the trio decide to sober up in frustration. Uncle Aelar keeps watch over the two young ones while they rest. Saeriel wakes up early and ventures into the forest to commune with the forest. Nydry wakes up, very hungover, and makes her way to the local Meloran temple to obtain a Lesser Restoration scroll in order to remove her hangover and get some work done. She finishes her alternate identity – a local wine merchant who is going to Elmdale to participate in the Merchant's Guild festivities.

In order to enhance this disguise, Nydry decides she needs to … "borrow" some wine from the royal cellars, so her and Aelar make their way to the keep to try and steal a wagon's worth of wine as well as a disguise kit.  The duo goes to the keep to ask King Caspian if she can have a disguise kit – he informs them that Rose has given specific instructions to him and others in the castle to not assist Nydry so that she may learn the profession without her royalty helping her. "But… if I were to look for a disguise kit, I might look in the performers' lockers in the basement. I'm extremely busy at the moment, but I will have to tell Rose of your … progress when I'm done at say…. 1 'o' clock?" He winks and walks away non-chalantly, and the pair know what they need to do. They go to the lockers in the basement, and Nydry immediately identities the costume supply locker. She picks the lock with some difficulty, and her and Aelar both hear a guard making his way down the hall towards them.  Nydry hides in the rafers while Aelar acts cool as though he belongs here. The guard passes and sees him. "Captain," he says as he salutes his superior officer. Nydry drops from the rafters, and they make their way to the kitchens.

Aelar provides a distraction with his war stories for Nydry as she sneaks past the kitchen staff. Nydry sneaks into the wine cellar and pulls some choice wines from the racks – enough to fill both hands. As she exits from the cellar, Aelar accelerates his story to draw attention away from Nydry, but one of the bottles bumps into the counter and alerts the baker's boy. The staff inquire what Nydry is doing – she pulls a fast one and convinces them that she's getting wine for her father's dinner tonight. The kitchen staff fall for it hook, line, and sinker and offer to help Nydry with the wine. The pair the baker's boy leave the kitchens with armfuls of wine – now they must figure out how to get the wine to a wagon. The main supply entrance is overseen by a grumpy elf named Barov. The baker's boy is afraid of the man, but Aelar simply walks past him using his station as a renowned soldier to shake off inquiry. They get a wagon and make off with their loot.

They go to the stables and inquire about purchasing a steed – the stablemaster sells them a donkey at retail price (he clearly was also told by Rose to not help Nydry, and he seems very nervous about the interaction). Saeriel rejoins them at the stables with a large black bear – nothing unusual in Ironwood, but something new for Saeriel.  Nydry informs her friend of their activities as well as the slight issue that they need to leave like NOW if they want to be gone before Caspian informs Rose of their actions.

The party hits the road…

Melora's Moon, 4

On the road to Elmdale, the party works on their disguises and learning various wine terminology from the wagon of bottles. A voice from the woods calls out, "Oi, there! Stop where ye are, or we'll load your bodies with arrows! We got you outnumbered, so why don't you just surrender, and we'll let you go with your lives, eh?" The party jumps to action, firing at two bandits in the trees above them. Nydry knocks one of them from their perch to his death. The skirmish continues with Aelar taking the majority of the arrows as he stays in the open while the two lighter characters make for the cover of the trees where a burly bandit captain lies in wait. The party takes out a few archers in the trees while Nydry, Aelar, and the bear focus on the captain – hoping that his death would scare his comrades. 

One of the bandits jumps down from the tree and begins slapping the donkey getting it to run away hysterically and guiding it into the woods. They're trying to steal the cart! Saeriel pursues through the woods – a region that she knows well and quickly reaches the fleeing donkey and bandit. The others quickly dispatch the captain and other bandits – leaving one alive – and rejoin Saeriel who is now comforting the frightened animal. The party interrogates the remaining bandit who informs them they're just a group from a nearby village – they're poor and desperate. The party lets him go with his wounds as a lesson against banditry in the future.

Melora's Moon, 6

The party arrives at Elmdale with their disguises prepared. Aelar shaves his head to at least be a little less recognizable. However, this is Saeriel's home, and the guards immediately recognize her and send word to her father at the manor.  Her cover is blown, but Nydry remains discrete and unrecognized. They are escorted to the manor…



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