Current Party


Starting Year: 584 3E (2871 CE), The Erathis Moon, Day 20

Current Year: 585 3E (2872 CE), Corellon's Moon, 3

Grandma Nym the Gnomish Wizard

Hailing from the Gnomish city-state of Linlos in Southern Gwandoya, Nimera Baker (a.k.a. Grandma Nim) is on a quest to find the fabled Muffin of Peace. Her quest led her to the ocean side city of Annan where she met with a raucous Orc Kordic cleric named Grog Stormsorc who had sailed across the Ositar Expanse with a Human druid named Cam Durron. He had recently taken a Halfling monk named Mizuki into his motley crew going on an adventure to the Northern Wastes. Nim joined their adventuring group and hopes that the answers she seeks are in The Northern Wastes

A baker in the town of Reykjaven says that he knows some information about the recipe for the Muffin of Peace, but that Nim must prove herself worthy of such secrets. She must go the volcano Hegnill and gather some magma from the Underdark beneath. If she has the strength to make it and the intelligence to keep it, the magma will prove her worthiness. She succeeded in her mission after some negotiation with a Fire Elemental and returned to Reykjaven

Grog Stormsorc the Orc Cleric

Hailing from the seafaring Harpoon Isles southeast of the Drow Empire in Micarmeth and east of the Dwarven lease on Kal'micar, Grog was taken up as a slave on a Drow war galley at a young age. However on one fateful day a great storm arose and destroyed the ship sending Grog into the wild waves of the storm tossed ocean. Days later miraculously Grog washed up back home on the Harpoon Isles; he took the name Stormsorc to commemorate this occasion. 
Grog then served on smuggling vessel for a number of years moving illicit goods between the Drow and Dwarven lands. Until one day when preparing to go on another voyage a great storm wracked his home island he was swept out to sea again. Days later he floated back in from the ocean to learn that his entire smuggling ship had been caught and executed by the Drow
Having been saved twice now by storms Grog decided that he was the chosen one of the god of storms, he then went and looked up who the god of storms was and found that it was Kord who was also the god of strength. Grog decided then to become a cleric of the great god, Kord.
After completing basic Cleric training at a small Kordic temple in Kal’micar Grog sought out adventure and a chance to use his new Clerical powers. He joined the local Adventurer's Guild and answered the call to join a struggling guild in Islanksjur. On his travels, he met up with a Human druid named Cam Durron who joined him before he crossed the great Ositar Expanse to Gwandoya where he met Grandma Nim and Mizuki.
During their adventure to find and rescue the Guild Leader, Orsik Holyhammer who was unfortunately infected with eldritch lycanthropy, Grog received a vision, most likely from Kord, telling him to retrieve his Rod of Lightning from the Temple of Melora under the sea near the Naga city of Odelhi. After obtaining the rod, Grog and his friends were forced to fight a Sahaguin General who had been driven mad by Zehir and his corruption of the temple and emerged victorious.
Later when they tried to cure Orsik’s Lycanthropy the God of Darkness & Poison intervened and tried to claim Orsik’s soul to complete a dark ritual which would allow him to revive his fallen daughter Athalas. Knowing no way to stop a god Grog convinced Orsik to kill himself so that his soul would go to Bahamut and not be available to be claimed by Zehir. Orsik did but was later stabilized and in the end Grog had to break his neck himself. The party survived the encounter but killing Orsik and being told by Athalas that Kord was female and once a lover of Zehir left Grog undergoing a crisis of faith. 
Grog gave up the Lightning Rod which he had claimed form the underwater temple of Melora using it to bind the temple of Kord on Islanksjur to take care of the orphans which had been Orsik’s holy duty before Grog killed him. Now Grog’s mind is filled with questions and doubts as he prepares to leave Islanksjur with his friends.

Mizuki the Halfling Monk

Mizuki is a monk of the Four-Fold Path of Peace. After one too many altercations with her fellow monks at the Monastary in Cheliax, her master instructed her to leave the monastary and pursue inner peace. She has been tasked with visiting Melora Temples in each of the four elements – earth, air, fire, and water. She hopes that she may find inner peace, but…. sometimes things just piss her off.


Xarfas the Dragonborn Monk

Xarfax Thunderfist is a monk of the Order of the Platinum Dragon, a monastic organization dedicated to the ideals of Bahamut and a close ally to the Adventurer's Guild.  After his master mysterious went missing from his quarters, Xarfas joined with the Adventurer's Guild to explore what may have happened to his mentor.






Nydry Arrehndale the Wood Elf Rogue

Hailing from the Black Forest in southwestern Dartuzlo, Nydry Arrehndale is the last known member of the noble family of Arrehndale. Her father was deceived by a trusted friend, General Itho and betrayed resulting in a coup that took the lives of most of her family, but she escaped with her father thanks to her mother's and aunt's heroic last stand in the tunnels beneath the Ironwood Keep. She and her father went incognito, and she helped him as he worked tirelessly to determine who funded and supported Itho's coup. Nydry became crucial in subterfuge and infiltration. She joined the Thieve's Guild and trained under the Gray Fox in Stealth and Deception. In 499 3E, Nydry discovered her father murdered in his study, and all of his intel stolen. She wept for her father and checked his safe beneath the floor… it was untouched, and in it was a synopsis of the information he had compiled as of a few days prior. All his information pointed to one place – Karaza, the Drow State beneath Islanksjur. She brought her father back to the Black Forest and buried him in his favorite grove outside of Ironwood Keep and mourned to the Raven Queen and prayed for the power to exact vengeance. After 7 days and 7 nights of mourning, she joined the local Adventurer's Guild and began her journey to The Northern Wastes

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Deceased Members

  • Cam the Human Druid
  • Galion the Dragonborn Assassin

Marlin Doombledar the Tiefling Warlock

Marlin Doombledar was a slave to a dark sorcerer for most of his life. After he learned to channel magical energy from an Elder God, he broke his bonds, killed his master, and pledged his life to his liberator. He has now joined the Adventurer's Guild so that he may find allies and friends in his quest to learn more about the Elder Gods.

Robert Pattinson the Half-Elf Bard

Robert Pattinson grew up a sweaty and socially awkward half-elf, immersing himself in exotic cultures and texts (aka Japanese manga) to stave off real interactions that risked mockery. His loneliness drove him to purchase a pillow waifu and become an active member on the bird-carrying messageboards. Through the WWW (world wide wren)Robert was comforted by the knowledge that he was not alone.

Unfortunately, When Robert met up with others who shared his passions in real life he realized how incredibly off-putting they were in person. He gave into some serious self-reflection and eventually decided to rebrand. Robert began to travel the land hoping to star in his own adventures instead of living vicariously through his manga heroes. He leaned heavily into the worlds of gambling and performance to make up for his lack of people skills. Despite this, he still has his roots in being a massive fetish-y loser which becomes painfully obvious if anyone tries to have a real conversation with him.


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