House Rules

The Basics

  1. No actively / passively killing or harming your fellow party members.   Dungeons and Dragons is meant to be a fun game for friends to play and explore fantasy worlds; in that intention of the game, lethal intraparty conflict is explicitly forbidden. Players are not allowed to murder another player character; players are not allowed to let another player character die simply because they do not like them and/or simply do not want to take the risk. If your party member hangs precariously from a cliff, and you have the opportunity to save them without incurring an inordinate risk to your own character, the player character must at least try to save their party member.
  2. No player, no player character.  If you are not present, your player character is not present in the story. They do not receive XP, and your party does not receive any benefits they might have.
  3. Avoid pointless side conversations. With a large group like this, it is especially important that conversations and actions are concise and intentioned. There is a role (see below) to help enforce this particular rule. As an example, if you run into a merchant, please do not attempt to convince the merchant that oak leaves are a form of currency in your "kingdom" no matter how good your Deception is. It takes up time and leaves other players with nothing to do.

Player Roles

  • Quartermaster – this PC keeps track of loot obtained by the group on their adventure. Current logged in a Google Drive document.
  • Lore Master – this PC keeps notes for the Adventure Log as well as writing down names of NPCs, locations, and organizations that are improvised by the GM.  These records are recorded in the Wiki and Adventure Log
  • Initiative Tracker – this PC keeps track of the initiative order during combat as well as damage sustained by NPCs.
  • Group Focus – this PC keeps the group focused on the task within the confines of the narrative thereby preventing the need for GM intervention to get the group back on track.
  • Rule Checker – this PC has the PHB on hand to check rules and costs as needed

House Rules

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