The Aia Chronicles

Underdark Team: Invading the Template (Part 2)

The Battle Continues!

The succubus calls out something to her son and then they both shift planes and disappear off of the battlefield

Galion emerges from the fountain of blood as a raging draconthrope and begins attacking our allies.

Galion strikes down Robert and Nydry.

Marlin is commanded by the succubus to kill Galion, in doing so he moves to the temple to commune with the Elder God. From across the battlefield Marlin pierces Galion’s heart and destroys part of the wall behind him with an Elder God enhanced eldritch blast.

A retreat is called and the party begins recuperating. Marlin enters the bloody temple.

Nym loots Cam’s body for goodberries to give to Robert and Nydry as Oskarson takes a jog.

After a long time failing to do anything, the party manages to crack open the stone casing around Athalas’ heart with Nydry’s silver shortsword. Athalas’ heart is on a floating stone pedestal in the middle of a crater. Marlin manages to grab the heart off the pedestal which then disappears.

As the cavern begins to crumble the party lowers a rope to Marlin in an attempt to save him. As Marlin is pulled out of the cave and leaves the temple it collapses into the nothingness. The party quickly finds the main force’s encampment.

Underdark Team: Invading the Temple
Athalas isn't gonna like this...

The party prepares to head out to Karaza. Krozag summons hundreds of imps. The head cleric of Lolth is leading the attack force and points Cam towards some darkweed. Cam fails to get the darkweed because he can’t swim.

The party approaches the temple of Athalas which is housed in the corpse of an elder god. The temple is surrounded by hastily built 15’ walls. The attack begins!

Horns sound from the temple summoning a force from the keep.

Cam turns into a spider and is immediately seen. Nydry and Galion manage to stealthily climb the wall. Meanwhile Marlin and the main force try to distract the guards and blast a hole through the wall.

The strikeforce manages to open a gate on their side. The main force begins flooding in as portals start spitting out the enemy army. Cryzja appears on the battlefield. Imrae appears on the battlefield and attacks Cam!

Cam is put under a spell and convinces the Drow to get off the pressure plate.

Imrae flies into the air with crazy bat wings!

Robert manages to destroy the pillars for one of the summoning portals. Nym hits Imrae who reveals herself to be a succubus.Cam is having his lifeforce sucked out by the succubus.

Galion manages to collect vials of Athalas’ blood and then finds a secret passage underneath the altar.

Marlin makes Cryzja run away and he reveals his true form which is a Cambion (spawn of a succubus and a mortal).

Cryzja is Imrae’s son! Gasp! Cambion’s can charm and manipulate mortals.

Cam manages to escape the charm of the succubus. Nym is charmed but quickly saved by Marlin. Marlin is then charmed by the succubus.

Galion is charmed by the blood of Athalas as he plugs up a flow of blood in a secret chamber under the temple.

Cam meets a tragic end to the succubus’ kiss.

Underdark Team: The Devil Went Down to Karaza
And he's always looking to make a deal.

The party commences it’s attack on the spiders. Suddenly a white spider with a blue glow descends from the mist to attack Cam, ending his transformation as a spider.

Robert manages to put one of the spiders to sleep. Big magic white spider can phase in and out of the planes to teleport, and does so to fight Nym.

Galion does a cool powerslide under the phase spider and stabs it’s underbelly repeatedly.

Following the spiders’ defeat the party hears struggling within the cave and venture forth to find the source. The party finds a grey ooze in the cave that attacks Galion.

The party easily sets the ooze on fire and moves on. The party saves a deep gnome from the spider cave in exchange for directions to the clerics of Lolth. The gnome is named Snufflegrubin and he tells the party about Darkweed.

Darkweed is found in the lakes down here and are full of poison. He warns the party to not touch the plants with their bare hands.

While waiting for Nydry to heal of the poison inflicted on her by the phase spider the party cleans up the spider corpses and searches for loot.

Snufflegrubin makes small talk and eventually agrees to ride the donkey with Nym (if you know what I mean). Snufflegrubin proceeds to be a crazy old geezer.

The party approaches the temple and Cam notices that all the plants are dying around the temple. Nothing is around the temple. Inside the temple is a large antechamber with a lone figure in a throne. The being is an erinyes (a greater devil). The erinyes is a heavily armed demon with a whip and a longsword. Devil’s don’t like demons.

Demons try to destroy everything. Devils reside in the 9 hells and are loyal to demon lords. Devils want to make deals to barter for your soul.

The Devil knows Robert. The Devil at won Robert’s waifu pillow in a game of chance. Robert then agrees to a musical duel with the devil for the pillow. If he loses the Devil gets Robert’s soul for 500 years.

Robert manages to defeat the Erinyes in a duel with the help of the party!

The party discusses a possible alliance with the Erinyes who works for Lolth and is opposed to the contessa in Karaza. Cryzja has been killing all of the Erinyes’ assassins. He protects the contessa. The party joins the strike force to attack the temple of Athalas. The Erinyes is named Krozag.

Cam, Galion, and Nydry are going to help infiltrate the walls to allow the main force through the gate. Robert, Nym, and Marlin are going to be a part of the main attack force. Krozag believes that the contessa has made a deal with demons.

The party notices that the cleric’s mistress is a succubus.

Marlin goes off to have a conversation with Krozag about the elder gods. The temple to Athalas is built in the heart of an elder god. Krozag gives Marlin a circlet to communicate with the corpse of the elder god. In exchange Krozag demands Athalas’ heart which is under the floor in the temple. Krozag also wants information about Athalas (weaknesses, alliances, whereabouts, followers, temples, etc.).

Underwater Team: Skyships & Dragons
Pirates of the North

The party interrogates the random headhunter bud decides to let him live. Grog implies that Xarfus is the secret heir to the throne of Draconia and that is why the shadowscales are protecting him. Apparently a beautiful female dragonborn was the shadowscale who subdued him.

We chatted with Gura, it was cool.

We found: Captain Malic Fear of Davies Dragon

And joined his crew to head to Buccaneer bay.

Mizuki befriended cats

Kord lead workout sessions/kord prayer groups

Xarfus meditated and balanced on shit

We need to talk to Zacarius in Buccanear bay to setup a meeting with Davy Jones so that we can get onto the Velvet Pearl to go to Odhelhi

…As we reach the maelstrom magical wings lift davies dragon up into the air! The ship flies! Buccanear Bay is in the sky!

Along the way the party was attacked by a flock of white dragons! The party charged through and killed a bunch of dragons. They reached the top deck and found that Malik was fighting a young adult white dragon using a giant lightning cannon! The party helped him drive off the dragon and they were greatly rewarded (some loot and gp and stuff)

Mizuki got a cat!

Underdark Team: Descent into Darkness

The party consisting of Oskaarson, Cam, Nim, Nydry, Robert Pattinson, and Marlin went to drgnbrns brndgrrrl and ordered food.

Galion the dragonborn waiter, delivered the food and told the party that he sent the “message” to the party. After some questioning he explains that he is a member of the Shadowscales who threw the tied up man out in the alley. He further explains that he wants to team up because he has a mission in the Underdark.

Galion is welcomed into the party and they set off into the wilds to reach Sereni, a 5 day walk from the town. A day and night go by with nothing happening.

On the second morning a Yeti attacks the party as they wake up!

Yeti Attacks

After a brutal onslaught from Nydry the Yeti falls to a bite from Hchcka (Oskaarson’s spider). Hchcka then wraps the Yeti up to devour later.

The Yeti has scratched a hole in the tent so Robert casts mend to repair it. The second day ends with no other incident, though the area is becoming more wild and unkempt.

During the third day we begin to see Drow homesteads.

The fourth day passes.

The party approaches Sereni…


Sereni is a dilapidated town. The guards are wearing armor and have traditional Drow weapons and wear the patch of Lolth (their god) on their clothes. There is an inn called Coldheart, there is a greenhouse, a sign leading to the Underdark.

The party desires healing potions and wants to explore the town eventually heading to the greenhouse. Cam’s finds a hidden door in the vines. Cam converses in Druidic with Rex the Drow druid keeper of the greenhouse. The party feels uncomfortable during their exchange…

Rex requests Mushrooms of Arnor and Darkweed to cure the blight, both of which can be found in the Underdark. The party then heads towards the gate to the Underdark. 4 Drow guards approach the party and Oskaarson attempts to translate that Marlin is deaf but can read Undercommon.

The guards relate that Karaza is under lockdown due to Heretics. The guards seem dubious of this because they have a new Contessa who is acting as a consort Warlord Karash and Queen Rea. After Galion decided to talk about already knowing this and a failed deception by Oskaarson, the guards attempted to arrest the party.

8 more guards show up.

The party swiftly knocks out the guards and intimidates one of them into drawing a map for us. The guards all disagree on which way to go on a crossroad. The party moves to a gate where Galion relates the info he previously tried to share:

Contessa in Karaza:

Recently, a Drow sorceress named Inrae ingratiated herself to the royal family in Karaza and has risen to power rapidly taking on the highest role a Drow of common blood can attain: Contessa. Although it’s not confirmed, we believe that the Contessa has also inserted herself as a consort to Rea and Karesh which makes eliminating her outright difficult. She is not popular amongst the people because her heretical belief in a lupine figure named Athalas. Clerics of Lolth are the only outspoken critics of the Contessa since executing the majority religion’s clerics would not be good politics, but we can be sure that she has a plan to remove or influence them to her advantage. There is no organized resistance that we know of, but there are surely Drow who are dissatisfied with these turns of events.


Nydry disarms a magic trap on the gate to the Underdark and picks the lock opening it.

The party heads into the Underdark, but Cam gets them lost.

The party rests and Cam takes first watch. Nothing happens.

Marlin takes second watch. Marlin hears the scuttling of something….it’s a rat.

Nydry takes third watch. She hears the echoing of something large in the far distance.

Nim takes fourth watch. Nothing happens.

The party wakes up.

The party then backtracks to the gate and tries again.

Oskaarson intimidates a guard to try and get better info for the map. The important crossroads are about 2 sleep cycles (days) away from the gate. With this in mind Cam now knows where to go.

Oskaarson engages in conversation with a passing drow to gain info about Karaza. Oskaarson asks about the clerics of Lolth. They have two temples inside of the city. Most of the clerics are in Karaza, but they might have an enclave somewhere in the Underdark. He tells the party to look for a merchant with the merchant guild symbol (scales) in order to gain access to the authorization paperwork necessary to enter Karaza.

The Underdark opens up as the party travels revealing glowing foliage, stalactites glinting with gems, and a vast expanse of caverns as well as a lake.

The party leaves the main road to search for Spiders, Darkweed, and Mushrooms of Arnor. Cam finds spider webs and Mushrooms of Arnor but no Darkweed. The party decides to continue following the spider webs eventually finding a cave filled with wolf spiders. Cam casts speak with animals to try and talk to them.

The party prepares for battle.

The Witch of the Wild
Crazy Werewolves & How to Cure Them

While the party sleeps Robert Pattinson talks with Orsik. Orsik expresses his regret about Aiden’s fall and the death of his crew. Orsik also reveals that he is just a super great guy like a paladin type guy. Orsik talks about leadership and how over the 300 years that he has had 175 adventurer's guild members die and he feels bad about it.

Grog awoke and Told the party of his Vision!

“You dream of lightning and a wild ocean, and your small craft rocks and wavers in the might of the storm. You look up and see a dark grey sky swirling above you with lightning breaking the darkness to reveal the desolate and violent seascape around you. A bolt of lightning strikes from the sky to destroy your raft, and you hear the booming voice of Kord crack across the ocean as you fight drowning, "GROG!"
The ocean around you swirls and forms a mighty whirlpool that drags you under the water and towards the darkness below. The pressure grows, and the water fills your lungs, yet you do not die. "Do not be afraid… these are things that you must see," the voice booms in your head. Lights appear in the distance, and the edifices of an underwater city comes into focus. Serpentine humanoids swim amongst the buildings, and the voice resumes, "The ancient Naga stronghold of Odhelhi. Here used to lie one of the grandest temples to my love, Melora until Zehir the Trickster attacked and destroyed it for the Sahaguin Priestess, Rikshaza. Queen Jyana recovered what she could, but one of my storm bolts remains trapped in the ruins." You move swiftly past the underwater metropolis and see on the ocean horizon a great ruin covered in aquatic fauna and guarded by sharks and other strange beasts. "My wish for you, Grog Stormsorc, is to obtain this rod so that all you meet shall know that you are one of my favored." Your ethereal body passes through the stones of the ruins and you see the Storm Rod wedged between the stone in a darkened room of collapsed rocks. "I have foreseen that this Orsik Holyhammer will prove valuable to this quest… I feel that the 'benefits' of his curse may prove useful, but my vision of the future is limited. Keep him alive if you can; he still has a part to play in this tale…" The voice fades leaving you alone in the dark, but as you scan the room, a gaping maw of teeth rushes towards you, swallowing you whole.”

The party discussed for a long time and decided to take Orsik back to town and jail him. Grog promised to watch over him and take responsibility for his actions. Grog planned to rope oskarson in on it to help to.

Regardless as they were talking they were attacked by bandits! The party slaughtered the bandits.

The last bandit was disintegrated by a random witch who appeared out of nowhere in a magical flying cabin. The witch Serene who offered to cure Orsik if the party would bring her:

  • The blood of Athalas (at a temple in the underdark near the Drow city of Karaza bring two vials (500 gp for extra vial))
  • Waterlillies of Melora In the temple near Odhalhi the Naga city. She gives the party some super potent Gillyweed.

Serene told them some miscellaneous information about the Muffin of Peace!

For those going to the underdark they need to go to the drow village of Sereni.

- Grandma Nim has a quest hook in Sereni

Look for a street urchin named korax he can sneak you inside the underdark

There is a mad countess who is currently in control of the underdark.
For those going underwater the best bet is to talk with Captain Jones

Raiding the Gnoll Hole #2
Who captured Orsik?

THUNDERWAVE!!! Grog cast thunderwave which was pretty cool. The rest of the party rushed in and they mopped up the wolves pretty quickly. They got flanked by some more gnolls

They found a bunch of booty!

They went through the boss door and walked down a long hallway.

Trap! But Nydry managed to disarm it no problem.

Unfortunately the slick slope slide sullied their style.

The party landed in a secret grove, in the distance they saw a humanoid figure and a group of wolves.

They party fought the wolves and a dark werewolf caster who used a moon shaped amulet to summon both a death dog and a displacer beast.

The werewolf said something about Athalas, a mythical dark queen of Jorvasker who made a pact with an elder god to create a race of eldritch lycanthropes. Also there was a vision of a four armed (six limbs total) werewolf monster in it’s mind.

The party shattered the werewolves amulet and killed him. His summons however proved more difficult downing most of the party. Finally with only Cam and Grandma Nim standing, they survived.




They found Orsik, though he has been infected with lycanthropy.

While Orsik raged fighting between the werewolf and dwarven sides, Marlin had a telepathic conversation with the dwarven side.

Apparently he sent Aiden and some other veterans into the Underdark to recover an artifact of Athalas. He presumed Aiden to be dead with the rest of the team until he and Oskarsson were attacked a few nights ago.

The only way to heal Orsik is to go to the Witch of the Wilds, Serene.

Raiding the Gnoll Hole #1
Into the Wild!

The party tries to sleep but this is a dangerous wilderness. They get immediately attacked by a saber toothed tiger.

The party killed the tiger

The party skinned the tiger and took it’s teeth. Adding this all together that adds to three wolf belts one winter wolf pelt and one saber tooth tiger pelt. We also took some wolf teeth.

In the morning they packed up to head deeper into the wilderness.

They met a moss farmer heading into town and sold the bodies sans pelt to the farmer for 2 silver and some moss farming tips

They traveled and saw a frost giant fighting a six legged lizard beast.

They traveled further and set up a camp this time with a bunch of fire.

A dragon approached! Luckily it was a gold dragon. Thoryax on a quest to kill a white dragon. They had quite a genial conversation. A Paladin maybe of Bahamut.

Thoriax had a good conversation and blessed their campsite.

The reach the campsite where orsik was attacked. They investigated the campsite and found some rations, a silver dagger, and a normal dagger..

They followed the tracks until they found a cave guarded by gnolls. They chatted about strategy for a long time. Like a really long time. Eventually no decision was reached…so Grog charged!!

One gnoll shot at the from above but they said fuck that and ran inside where they were safe from the archer.

Inside they started running and gunning down gnolls like a group of mother fucking undertakers. They ran into a gnoll they killed it. They ran into a room with a statue, the knocked over the statue (there was some sort of stone wolf claw key thing which Grog tried to destroy but Cam picked up)

They ran down the other hall found some more gnolls. Killed them. There was a small hold in the wall which Mizuki and Grandma Nim climbed through, they found it lead to other rooms but since there were gnolls there and only the small players could fit through they just came back.

There was a spiked bit which the players crossed with care except for Xarfas who attempted to leap across with his monk-ish agility and nearly fell! They used the stone wolf claw to open a large door made of three stone rings and heard a mysterious voice say “Welcome Cam” (Cam actually opened the door)
They ran in and went to the right were a group of wolves and a gnoll were ready to ambush them although not particularly stealthy. The party instead got the drop on the group and rolled initiative…. TO BE CONTINUED!

Making Peace & a Dying Stranger
Who needs rest anyway?

A ghost, Jolly Roger, appeared from Buccaneer Bay! He told party the Captain Jones the King of Buccaneer Bay has a message for them.

“To those who killed Liana Stormwind. I am Captain Jones of Buccaneer Bay. I come bearing no ill will. You beat Liana in fair combat such is our way. However I believe that you have come into possession of the deed to the Lightning Trident which I would very much like to have. If you accept the deal and give me the deed you will receive the discounts on many dockside shops and the friendship of the Bay. If not you will earn my and the Bay’s enmity, be hunted down, and killed.”

Buccaneer Bay is a powerful pirate faction. Rules by Captain Jones, a mysterious, supposedly immortal demigod that controls all of the oceans on this side of the world.

The party accepted and gave up the deed.

To get discounts on Buccaneer Bay affiliated merchants utter the veiled threat: “All men must die” while flashing the Bay’s sigil.

Jolly is Captain Jones’s dead son bound to this plane as a ghost messenger.

Other ghost messengers: Clark, Cera

As night fell A giant spider burst into the bar! With a wounded adventure on his back. Oskarsson and his companion Hchcka.

“Orsik, Orsik.. Orsik has been captured!”

Grog and a barmaid Lisa wet across town in the forming blizzard to fetch Dr. Holly

Robert Pattinson attempted to cure Oskarsson but her magic did not work as the wound is maintained by some sort of dark magicks!

Marlin & [the Bard] talked with Oskarsson, in his delirium he was unable to tell them anything about who captured Orsik other than it was dark, and it was an ambush.

Dr. Holly informed the party that Oskarsson was bitten by a death dog. A terrible two-headed dog beast.

Ziric’s Samsnephew swears he saw a giant death dog being controlled by a halfling about 40 years ago.

An hour later Oskarsson woke up and vomited. He marked the point on the map where the ambush was just north of the Crossroads, and they took Orsik NE after the ambush. He also marked where the Adventurer’s Keep was.

Grog borrowed Oskarsson’s Silvered Greatsword, Ragnos, promising to return it.

Go to the Bronze Anvil and tell him that Gura is calling in a favour and get some body heaters.

ITEMS ACQUIRED: SIlvered Greatsword, a week's worth of food for 7 people, body heaters

The party set outs into the stormy night and gets attacked by a winter wolf  on the road! They emerged victorious and made some cool wolfskin cloaks!

Aggressive Negotiations
Well.... That escalated quickly

Grandma Nim went to the Fireside Biscuit (Propriety Meghar)

QUEST ACCEPTED: Retrieve molten lava from the volcano at the center of the island to learn how to make the legendary lava cake!

A new party member appears!

A strange sweaty half-elf wanted to gamble with someone. Picking out Mizuki as a young naive mark she offered to play a card game if she won she would join the party if she lost she would give Mizuki her scarf. She won the game! And gifted Mizuki the scarf regardless. She introduced herself as…. Robert Pattinson…oh!

Captain Liana Attacks

Captain Liana came in and wanted to attack Marlin to reclaim her stolen objects. Marlin talked his way out of it however Liana blamed the sleezy salesman Mardoc instead who had sworn on his mothers life that Marlin stole the goods and sold them to Mardoc (which was true). Liana wanted to execute Mardoc’s mother in repayment for the debt

Marlin was talking Liana died but there was miscommunication within the party. Thinking that the talking was not working and not knowing that Marlin had Charm Person prepared Grog signaled the attack. A large battle ensued. Eventually almost everyone in the party was unconscious but Mizuki landed the final blow on the last pirate. Liana and her whole crew were slain. Unfortunately, Mardoc was slain in the battle.


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