The Aia Chronicles

Raiding the Gnoll Hole #2
Who captured Orsik?

THUNDERWAVE!!! Grog cast thunderwave which was pretty cool. The rest of the party rushed in and they mopped up the wolves pretty quickly. They got flanked by some more gnolls

They found a bunch of booty!

They went through the boss door and walked down a long hallway.

Trap! But Nydry managed to disarm it no problem.

Unfortunately the slick slope slide sullied their style.

The party landed in a secret grove, in the distance they saw a humanoid figure and a group of wolves.

They party fought the wolves and a dark werewolf caster who used a moon shaped amulet to summon both a death dog and a displacer beast.

The werewolf said something about Athalas, a mythical dark queen of Jorvasker who made a pact with an elder god to create a race of eldritch lycanthropes. Also there was a vision of a four armed (six limbs total) werewolf monster in it’s mind.

The party shattered the werewolves amulet and killed him. His summons however proved more difficult downing most of the party. Finally with only Cam and Grandma Nim standing, they survived.




They found Orsik, though he has been infected with lycanthropy.

While Orsik raged fighting between the werewolf and dwarven sides, Marlin had a telepathic conversation with the dwarven side.

Apparently he sent Aiden and some other veterans into the Underdark to recover an artifact of Athalas. He presumed Aiden to be dead with the rest of the team until he and Oskarsson were attacked a few nights ago.

The only way to heal Orsik is to go to the Witch of the Wilds, Serene.

Raiding the Gnoll Hole #1
Into the Wild!

The party tries to sleep but this is a dangerous wilderness. They get immediately attacked by a saber toothed tiger.

The party killed the tiger

The party skinned the tiger and took it’s teeth. Adding this all together that adds to three wolf belts one winter wolf pelt and one saber tooth tiger pelt. We also took some wolf teeth.

In the morning they packed up to head deeper into the wilderness.

They met a moss farmer heading into town and sold the bodies sans pelt to the farmer for 2 silver and some moss farming tips

They traveled and saw a frost giant fighting a six legged lizard beast.

They traveled further and set up a camp this time with a bunch of fire.

A dragon approached! Luckily it was a gold dragon. Thoryax on a quest to kill a white dragon. They had quite a genial conversation. A Paladin maybe of Bahamut.

Thoriax had a good conversation and blessed their campsite.

The reach the campsite where orsik was attacked. They investigated the campsite and found some rations, a silver dagger, and a normal dagger..

They followed the tracks until they found a cave guarded by gnolls. They chatted about strategy for a long time. Like a really long time. Eventually no decision was reached…so Grog charged!!

One gnoll shot at the from above but they said fuck that and ran inside where they were safe from the archer.

Inside they started running and gunning down gnolls like a group of mother fucking undertakers. They ran into a gnoll they killed it. They ran into a room with a statue, the knocked over the statue (there was some sort of stone wolf claw key thing which Grog tried to destroy but Cam picked up)

They ran down the other hall found some more gnolls. Killed them. There was a small hold in the wall which Mizuki and Grandma Nim climbed through, they found it lead to other rooms but since there were gnolls there and only the small players could fit through they just came back.

There was a spiked bit which the players crossed with care except for Xarfas who attempted to leap across with his monk-ish agility and nearly fell! They used the stone wolf claw to open a large door made of three stone rings and heard a mysterious voice say “Welcome Cam” (Cam actually opened the door)
They ran in and went to the right were a group of wolves and a gnoll were ready to ambush them although not particularly stealthy. The party instead got the drop on the group and rolled initiative…. TO BE CONTINUED!

Making Peace & a Dying Stranger
Who needs rest anyway?

A ghost, Jolly Roger, appeared from Buccaneer Bay! He told party the Captain Jones the King of Buccaneer Bay has a message for them.

“To those who killed Liana Stormwind. I am Captain Jones of Buccaneer Bay. I come bearing no ill will. You beat Liana in fair combat such is our way. However I believe that you have come into possession of the deed to the Lightning Trident which I would very much like to have. If you accept the deal and give me the deed you will receive the discounts on many dockside shops and the friendship of the Bay. If not you will earn my and the Bay’s enmity, be hunted down, and killed.”

Buccaneer Bay is a powerful pirate faction. Rules by Captain Jones, a mysterious, supposedly immortal demigod that controls all of the oceans on this side of the world.

The party accepted and gave up the deed.

To get discounts on Buccaneer Bay affiliated merchants utter the veiled threat: “All men must die” while flashing the Bay’s sigil.

Jolly is Captain Jones’s dead son bound to this plane as a ghost messenger.

Other ghost messengers: Clark, Cera

As night fell A giant spider burst into the bar! With a wounded adventure on his back. Oskarsson and his companion Hchcka.

“Orsik, Orsik.. Orsik has been captured!”

Grog and a barmaid Lisa wet across town in the forming blizzard to fetch Dr. Holly

Robert Pattinson attempted to cure Oskarsson but her magic did not work as the wound is maintained by some sort of dark magicks!

Marlin & [the Bard] talked with Oskarsson, in his delirium he was unable to tell them anything about who captured Orsik other than it was dark, and it was an ambush.

Dr. Holly informed the party that Oskarsson was bitten by a death dog. A terrible two-headed dog beast.

Ziric’s Samsnephew swears he saw a giant death dog being controlled by a halfling about 40 years ago.

An hour later Oskarsson woke up and vomited. He marked the point on the map where the ambush was just north of the Crossroads, and they took Orsik NE after the ambush. He also marked where the Adventurer’s Keep was.

Grog borrowed Oskarsson’s Silvered Greatsword, Ragnos, promising to return it.

Go to the Bronze Anvil and tell him that Gura is calling in a favour and get some body heaters.

ITEMS ACQUIRED: SIlvered Greatsword, a week's worth of food for 7 people, body heaters

The party set outs into the stormy night and gets attacked by a winter wolf  on the road! They emerged victorious and made some cool wolfskin cloaks!

Aggressive Negotiations
Well.... That escalated quickly

Grandma Nim went to the Fireside Biscuit (Propriety Meghar)

QUEST ACCEPTED: Retrieve molten lava from the volcano at the center of the island to learn how to make the legendary lava cake!

A new party member appears!

A strange sweaty half-elf wanted to gamble with someone. Picking out Mizuki as a young naive mark she offered to play a card game if she won she would join the party if she lost she would give Mizuki her scarf. She won the game! And gifted Mizuki the scarf regardless. She introduced herself as…. Robert Pattinson…oh!

Captain Liana Attacks

Captain Liana came in and wanted to attack Marlin to reclaim her stolen objects. Marlin talked his way out of it however Liana blamed the sleezy salesman Mardoc instead who had sworn on his mothers life that Marlin stole the goods and sold them to Mardoc (which was true). Liana wanted to execute Mardoc’s mother in repayment for the debt

Marlin was talking Liana died but there was miscommunication within the party. Thinking that the talking was not working and not knowing that Marlin had Charm Person prepared Grog signaled the attack. A large battle ensued. Eventually almost everyone in the party was unconscious but Mizuki landed the final blow on the last pirate. Liana and her whole crew were slain. Unfortunately, Mardoc was slain in the battle.

Welcome to Reykjaven!
Session 1, 3/21/17

The adventure begins! Grog Stormsorc cleric of Kord met up with Cam Durron the Druid who was convinced by the rain that he needed to go to the sea. On the ship the Boxmover they traveled across the atlantic to Annan where they met a despondent halfling youth Mizuki and an elderly Gnome wizard Grandma Nim. Both were convinced to travel north to Islanskjur to seek adventure and glory!

Meanwhile in Europe an ex-slave tiefling warlock Marlin and a promising young dragonbrorn monk Zarfus are also traveling north towards Islanskjur for reasons of their own in search of further guidance from their patron deities.

The PC’s traveled to the port city of Noran (N tip of Isle of Minora) and met up with Captain Liana a Half-elf pirate, and minor pirate lord, who is the captain of the only ship that goes between Minora and Iskanskjur, the Lightning Trident.

The PCs were given a group of supplies to take to the Guildhall in Iskanskjur

Grandma Nim was given a warm cabin. Cam was given a quiet cabin. Grog was given a little bit of rum (but not enough).

They left the port of Noran and traveled north to Iskanskjur, during the journey…

  • Nim trained Jax to be better at cooking than he was, but still not very good.
  • Cam tried to grow plants… but failed :(
  • Zarfus and Mizkui discussed monastic traditions.
  • Zarfus stole some ale and meditated… no one noticed.
  • Grog tried to convert John to Kordisim.
  • Marlin read some of the Captains books and stole pocketed some unattended items.

    • He found 1 piece of info about the Elder Gods!

They arrived in Reykyavan and went to Mardoc’s Winter Clothing Stand, and buy all the winter clothes using the items that Marlin lifted from Captain Liana’s cabin.

They went to the Drunken Fish tavern

  • Mizkui had too muh coffee got pretty buzzed
  • Zarfus and Grog discussed theology over some rum
  • It was Cam’s first time in a Tavern! He was awkward.
  • Marlin joined the poker game.

They journeyed to the Bronze Anvil to get instruction to the Adventurers guild

  • Grandma Nim purchased the material components to summon a familiar.

The party stayed the night in the Drunken Fish Tavern.

The Next Day

  • Nim purchased Tinkerer’s Tools
  • Marlin purchased a large winter tent

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