Adrick Bronzeanvil

The generous and jovial owner and proprietor of the Bronze Anvil Magic Shop


Adrick Bronzeanvil was born in the small Dwarven town of Bronze Anvil in Northern Reaches of Kahaz-Furad. A long time ally of the adventurer’s guild in Reykjaven, he has provided wares and magical items to the people of the city for almost 100 years. His jovial and cheerful nature has endeared him to the people although many find his prices outrageous, and the young hooligans of the city often try to rob his shop. The last poor gnome to try and swipe a scroll from his inventory ended up with a curly tail and a pig nose for nearly a month,

In his youth, Adrick was a wizard who left the Arcane University in Gwandoya to pursue his own adventures. He will regale anyone who will listen with fantastical tales of daring exploration and combat to those who will listen, but no one is sure where the line of truth and fiction is. His last adventure was into the Eldfjallga (Arcane Scar) on the Sofandi in Islanskjur, but he took an arrow to the knee. He liked Reykjaven well enough, and he could still pursue his arcane studies from the city and began The Bronze Anvil Magic Shop.

Adrick Bronzeanvil

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