The Aia Chronicles

Warriors of the Ocean Depths

Delving into the Sauhauguin Temple

In a grand battle Zarfus and Grog were rendered unconcious while Misuki found a new power of water whip in order to defeat the water elemental. Misuki completed this water trial and is one step further down the path of the fourfold way of peace.

The next morning after fully resting the party traveled out of the city to go to the ruined temple of melora the naga requested that they wear blindfolds when approaching the temple and the party complied.

Once at the temple they found it circled by many sharks and generally spooky plants. The main doors to the temple were collapsed so the party could not enter that way though there was a small tunnel leading underneath the temple that the party used to attempt to enter.

Inside the cave the party encountered two hags, terrifying immortal magic using beats. Grog was frightened, he does not deal with his emotions well, he began combat. After hacking the hags to pieces the party continued deeper into the caves they found their way into the temple and began exploring it. The temple was littered with illusory doors and illusory rubble which made navigation difficult the party found their way into the enterence hall and then into the fourier which had the doors into the main temple chamber unfortunately the room was trapped. Suddenly the buoyancy of the water was magically removed and the party all fell down to the bottom of the fourier suddenly the room began filling with blood which attracted spectral sharks the party needed to flip two switches (marked with holy symbols of the god of trickery Zehir) in order to turn off the blood and stop the sharks however the room was filled with invisible walls! The party split up and walked down the paths to turn off the switches, The sharks mostly focused on Misuki and Xarfus while Grog pressed on towards the switch ignoring the sharks since he was convinced that they were illusions.

After getting through the trap room the party entered the large central chamber of the temple. Inside they saw a shadowy figure on the throne. Grog charged it, it turned out to be an illusion and the real Shauguin warpriest attacked the party from behind. It was a great and terrible battle Misuki and Xarfus were down and Grog only had one hit point left when he reached forth and stole the stormrod from the back of the Shauguin, grog called upon Kord to smack down the Shauguin and the battle was over.

The party went into the inner sanctuary and found a Shauguin priestess who did not speak aquan (or at least cliamed not to understand) The party was very suspicious of this but they decided fuck it we can get what we came for. The party took three bulbs for waterlillies of melora and four blooms. They returned to the Naga city and gave a bulb to the temple of melora there and told them about the ruined temple.

The party returned to pirates bay and sold a waterlilly to Davy Jones. Xarfus treated with Davy Jones to try and free his master who’s soul was taken. In order to free his master Xarfus needed to rally up 1000 gp worth of betting in the fighting pits of pirates bay.

The party whips the crowd into a frenzy with rumors that Xarfus is the lost prince of the Draconian Empire. Xarfus lost the fight but the party managed to raise enough money to free Xarfus’s masters soul.



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