The Aia Chronicles

Underdark Team: The Devil Went Down to Karaza

And he's always looking to make a deal.

The party commences it’s attack on the spiders. Suddenly a white spider with a blue glow descends from the mist to attack Cam, ending his transformation as a spider.

Robert manages to put one of the spiders to sleep. Big magic white spider can phase in and out of the planes to teleport, and does so to fight Nym.

Galion does a cool powerslide under the phase spider and stabs it’s underbelly repeatedly.

Following the spiders’ defeat the party hears struggling within the cave and venture forth to find the source. The party finds a grey ooze in the cave that attacks Galion.

The party easily sets the ooze on fire and moves on. The party saves a deep gnome from the spider cave in exchange for directions to the clerics of Lolth. The gnome is named Snufflegrubin and he tells the party about Darkweed.

Darkweed is found in the lakes down here and are full of poison. He warns the party to not touch the plants with their bare hands.

While waiting for Nydry to heal of the poison inflicted on her by the phase spider the party cleans up the spider corpses and searches for loot.

Snufflegrubin makes small talk and eventually agrees to ride the donkey with Nym (if you know what I mean). Snufflegrubin proceeds to be a crazy old geezer.

The party approaches the temple and Cam notices that all the plants are dying around the temple. Nothing is around the temple. Inside the temple is a large antechamber with a lone figure in a throne. The being is an erinyes (a greater devil). The erinyes is a heavily armed demon with a whip and a longsword. Devil’s don’t like demons.

Demons try to destroy everything. Devils reside in the 9 hells and are loyal to demon lords. Devils want to make deals to barter for your soul.

The Devil knows Robert. The Devil at won Robert’s waifu pillow in a game of chance. Robert then agrees to a musical duel with the devil for the pillow. If he loses the Devil gets Robert’s soul for 500 years.

Robert manages to defeat the Erinyes in a duel with the help of the party!

The party discusses a possible alliance with the Erinyes who works for Lolth and is opposed to the contessa in Karaza. Cryzja has been killing all of the Erinyes’ assassins. He protects the contessa. The party joins the strike force to attack the temple of Athalas. The Erinyes is named Krozag.

Cam, Galion, and Nydry are going to help infiltrate the walls to allow the main force through the gate. Robert, Nym, and Marlin are going to be a part of the main attack force. Krozag believes that the contessa has made a deal with demons.

The party notices that the cleric’s mistress is a succubus.

Marlin goes off to have a conversation with Krozag about the elder gods. The temple to Athalas is built in the heart of an elder god. Krozag gives Marlin a circlet to communicate with the corpse of the elder god. In exchange Krozag demands Athalas’ heart which is under the floor in the temple. Krozag also wants information about Athalas (weaknesses, alliances, whereabouts, followers, temples, etc.).



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