The Aia Chronicles

The Twisted Guardian

A major milestone for our adventurers!

Start Pelor's Moon 10
Duration 1 Day
End  Pelor's Moon 11

The party awakes from their rest and find the room hasn't attacked them. Nim has learned the spell "Chains of Dishonesty" from Petal. They pack and prepare to continue their way down the dungeon. The go down a long stairwell once more, and suddenly a CLICK sounds! The party jumps to action preparing for the impending trap until they hear a maniacal cackling from the amulet. Arakroka says, "Oh gods! You should've seen your faces! That was great!" Xanders spins the amulet, and Arakroka laughs as he clearly get nauseous.

The party reaches another ledge this time in front of a 20 ft chasm. They attempt to find invisible platforms but to no avail. They see on the other side of the gorge a circular door inscribed with strange markings that Xanders recognizes as Draconic inscriptions – Blood, Fire, Death, and Darkness. There are also four pedestals in a square formation in front of the door. Nim's familiar goes to investigate, but she cannot read the inscriptions. She scrawls what she sees through Squibbles' eyes on a piece of paper. Xanders sees the same words that are on the door each inscribed on the pedestals. Grog takes out his ropes from his pack and, after around 10 minutes, manages to get two lassos around two of the pedestals. They seems sturdy, and the party crawls carefully across the gorge with the ropes anchored between the pedestals and Grog. After the party makes their way across safely, Grog makes a leap across the gorge and barely makes it across with an ungraceful landing.

The party casts a FIrebolt at the fire pedestal, and it glows with a red glow. They do the same procedure for the rest of the pedestals except for blood. Nim offers to sacrifice some of her blood – just a few drops – and she is swiftly attacked in her mind by a psychic energy. She deftly dodges it only taking a point of damage. With that, the large door clicks and unlocks. Grog kicks in the door, and CLICK a trap is triggered! Grog and Mizuki brace for an impact, Nydry ducks, Xanders and Nim attempt to look around to see the source, but it's too late! The explosion bursts from the door knocking them across the gorge while the other party members stand against the trap. Arakroka laughs maniacally, and Nim can see that a stairwell has formed leading to the bottom of the gorge. The party follows it and find themselves in a marshy quagmire at the bottom. The gorge leads to a doorway that has collapsed. Arakroka gets very angry saying that he designed this not to happen and that something is wrong. Grog and Xanders taunt him, and he recedes into his amulet. There is a roughly dug tunnel to the left that Nim scouts with Squibbles - she sees no life but many deep scratches in the walls of the cave.  The party makes their way down the tunnel and see some of the grooves in the stone are actually grinning dragon faces. Xanders recognizes the work of a mischievous Copper Dragon – a friendly metallic variety and the party feels a little more at ease. They reach the end of the tunnel and see that it opens to a large chamber. They enter and announce themselves. "You have entered my lair…. You cannot go through! I will kill you!" growls a deep voice above them, and the party looks up. Those with darkvision can see, not a Copper dragon, but a dragon wreathed in darkness and shadows with glowing purple eyes. Those without darkvision can simply see some glowing purple points in the darkness that then rushes towards the party.  Xanders quickly thinks to cast Faerie Fire at the beast outlining it in a purple glow allowing all the party members to attack it more easily – even those without darkvision. 

The party attacks the dragon, but even as the party fights the shadowy beast, the lair itself comes to the aid of its owner forming a deep pool of mud that quickly sucks Grog and Nim into it. They maintain their position restrained by mud as the party deals numerous blows that seem to not effect the ethereal beast very much! The dragon fires a slowing breath as it descends then attacks Grog who, even restrained, is able to fight off the beast. The mud solidifies around Grog and Nim encasing them in solid rock as the dragon fires its necrotic breath weapon hitting Grog and Nim for a lot of damage! The dragon then mauls Nim to unconsciousness before charging Lily who shoots an eldritch blast at the dragon. The hit lands and deals a serious blow! Grog also summons a spirital weapon that also appears to be dealing some noticeable damage to the beast. The dragon summons spiked rocks around the party where the mud once was! Xanders deals a lashing magical attack that forces the dragon to flee its lair, but it decides to wait until after Faerie Fire wears off before re-entering its lair. The team has just 36 seconds to re-group for another attack!

Nim is completely stuck in the stonework. Grog makes his way out but will not move as Nydry shows the party that moving through the spiked terrain deals some nasty damage as the magical spikes try to impede your path. The party trains their sights on the entrance from the tunnel but many of the party are blinded by the darkness and will need to wait for a signal. Grog sees the rushing shadow from the cave and alerts the team! Lily blasts the beast with Eldritch energy, but the shadow flies into the air where it tackles Xanders bringing him crashing to the ground with the great beast on top of him before mauling the bard to unconsciousness. It then hides in the shadows, invisible to all but Grog who sees the shadow in the darkness and attacks with his spiritual weapon but misses. Nydry fires to the space where Xanders was just mauled but shoots wide. Nim and Petal prepare to cast spells should the beast reveal itself. In the darkness a great purple light appears as the dragon opens its maw to fire another necrotic blast at Mizuki and Grog. As the beam fires from its jaws knocking Grog and Mizuki unconscious, Nim and Petal fire their spells! The wailing form of the Banshee's eldritch blast and the purple magical missiles from Nim intertwine and slam into the dragon causing a great explosion of shadow and energy! The dragon falls! The party has just defeated their first dragon! 

In the darkness, those with darkvision can see the shadow peel away from the dragons form, in the torchlight, a shimmer of copper scales shines in the darkness revealing the dragon who used to guard this portal. The team, after reviving their fallen comrades, see this and feel some sadness. For metallic dragons are good beings who try to help others when they can. For one of these beasts to have such a fate is a tragic thing…

Behind the corpse of the Dragon, the party can see a summoning ring… and the portal to Shadowfell.



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