The Aia Chronicles

Sailing the Deep Ocean

Mythological and supernatural events


Start Kord's Moon, 2
Duration 41 Days
End Melora's Moon, 15

After solving the murder mystery in Moldred, the Adventure Friends reunite aboard the Friendship II and discuss their next steps. Kord recalls that today is the beginning of Kord's moon cycle and wants to go to the Kordic Temple of Moldred to pray and receive his god's blessing. Others accompany him to also try and gain Kord's blessing with Nydry and Mizuki being successful. 

The Friends then decide that in order to avoid the Drow patrols along the Micarmeth shoreline, the will brave the deep ocean and the monsters and supernatural phenomenon that occur there.

Kord's Moon, 14

The Friends encounter a group of Merfolk traders who have potions and general goods for sale. The team buys 2 Health Potions, and Grog buys Coral Caltrops to turn into sand for Melora's Lily (-101 gp total).

Kord's Moon, 26

The Friends see the Moon and Sun coming together in the sky, and although none of them understand the religious significance of this event, Nydry recognizes that strange things occur during the meeting of Pelor and Sehanine. They stand ready as the Moon obscures the light of the Sun, and off the ships sides the light and darkness plays off the water, and two Eclipse Elementals appear writhing and pulsating with darkness and light! The team engages in them in combat and are forced to reckon with the powers of the Sun and Moon merged into one being. They burst with Moonlight and Sunlight blinding and burning the party, but the Adventure Friends come out victorious as the eclipse ends leaving the day as it was before this bizarre encounter.

Melora's Moon, 8

A humanoid draped over a piece of driftwood is spotted off the ship's bow. The Adventure Friends and Drow crew pull the person on the ship and find an unconscious High Elf. Grog casts Healing Word to revive the person. He asks for food and water. As he eats, the crew ask him how he came to be shipwrecked to which he informs them they were attacked by the Shauguin and that they are likely in the territory of conflict between the Merrow Naga and the Shauguin. 

Grog wants to cast Zone of Truth to ask more questions and informs the Elf that he will kill him if he tries to resist. The prisoner resists the spell, and Grog slices his throat, but as his blade meets the soft flesh of the neck, he finds it clad in scales. The High Elf shape transforms into the Huge form of a Bronze Dragon! He is very displeased that the group would execute an unarmed shipwrecked sailor for refusing to succumb to their will. Grog, Nydry, and Nim all draw their weapons and prepare for a fight as the Bronze Dragon grows angry at their behavior. First mate Tarn and Xarfas both jump between the Dragon and the crew members to de-escalate the situation. The Dragon demands 500gp as punishment for their "crime" in "his waters," and the Adventure Friends begrudgingly agree at the advisement of Tarn and Xarfas but not without some cutting words.

Melora's Moon, 15

Some friendly Naga traders approach the ship offering goods and fresh sea food. The crew and adventurer's both enthusiastically buy the sea food as a break from the normal diet they have been sustaining. As the Naga are loading the sea food onto their ship, the watch in the Crow's Nest spots movement rapidly approaching from the rear of the ship and yells down to the crew. Grog goes to the back to investigate but cannot quite make out the shapes of Shauguin until they attack the ship and bellow threats to the Naga traders!



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