The Aia Chronicles

Raiding the Gnoll Hole #2

Who captured Orsik?

THUNDERWAVE!!! Grog cast thunderwave which was pretty cool. The rest of the party rushed in and they mopped up the wolves pretty quickly. They got flanked by some more gnolls

They found a bunch of booty!

They went through the boss door and walked down a long hallway.

Trap! But Nydry managed to disarm it no problem.

Unfortunately the slick slope slide sullied their style.

The party landed in a secret grove, in the distance they saw a humanoid figure and a group of wolves.

They party fought the wolves and a dark werewolf caster who used a moon shaped amulet to summon both a death dog and a displacer beast.

The werewolf said something about Athalas, a mythical dark queen of Jorvasker who made a pact with an elder god to create a race of eldritch lycanthropes. Also there was a vision of a four armed (six limbs total) werewolf monster in it’s mind.

The party shattered the werewolves amulet and killed him. His summons however proved more difficult downing most of the party. Finally with only Cam and Grandma Nim standing, they survived.




They found Orsik, though he has been infected with lycanthropy.

While Orsik raged fighting between the werewolf and dwarven sides, Marlin had a telepathic conversation with the dwarven side.

Apparently he sent Aiden and some other veterans into the Underdark to recover an artifact of Athalas. He presumed Aiden to be dead with the rest of the team until he and Oskarsson were attacked a few nights ago.

The only way to heal Orsik is to go to the Witch of the Wilds, Serene.



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