The Aia Chronicles

Making Peace & a Dying Stranger

Who needs rest anyway?

A ghost, Jolly Roger, appeared from Buccaneer Bay! He told party the Captain Jones the King of Buccaneer Bay has a message for them.

“To those who killed Liana Stormwind. I am Captain Jones of Buccaneer Bay. I come bearing no ill will. You beat Liana in fair combat such is our way. However I believe that you have come into possession of the deed to the Lightning Trident which I would very much like to have. If you accept the deal and give me the deed you will receive the discounts on many dockside shops and the friendship of the Bay. If not you will earn my and the Bay’s enmity, be hunted down, and killed.”

Buccaneer Bay is a powerful pirate faction. Rules by Captain Jones, a mysterious, supposedly immortal demigod that controls all of the oceans on this side of the world.

The party accepted and gave up the deed.

To get discounts on Buccaneer Bay affiliated merchants utter the veiled threat: “All men must die” while flashing the Bay’s sigil.

Jolly is Captain Jones’s dead son bound to this plane as a ghost messenger.

Other ghost messengers: Clark, Cera

As night fell A giant spider burst into the bar! With a wounded adventure on his back. Oskarsson and his companion Hchcka.

“Orsik, Orsik.. Orsik has been captured!”

Grog and a barmaid Lisa wet across town in the forming blizzard to fetch Dr. Holly

Robert Pattinson attempted to cure Oskarsson but her magic did not work as the wound is maintained by some sort of dark magicks!

Marlin & [the Bard] talked with Oskarsson, in his delirium he was unable to tell them anything about who captured Orsik other than it was dark, and it was an ambush.

Dr. Holly informed the party that Oskarsson was bitten by a death dog. A terrible two-headed dog beast.

Ziric’s Samsnephew swears he saw a giant death dog being controlled by a halfling about 40 years ago.

An hour later Oskarsson woke up and vomited. He marked the point on the map where the ambush was just north of the Crossroads, and they took Orsik NE after the ambush. He also marked where the Adventurer’s Keep was.

Grog borrowed Oskarsson’s Silvered Greatsword, Ragnos, promising to return it.

Go to the Bronze Anvil and tell him that Gura is calling in a favour and get some body heaters.

ITEMS ACQUIRED: SIlvered Greatsword, a week's worth of food for 7 people, body heaters

The party set outs into the stormy night and gets attacked by a winter wolf  on the road! They emerged victorious and made some cool wolfskin cloaks!



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