The Aia Chronicles

Every Lily has its... Petals?

A favor given is a favor earned...

Start Pelor's Moon 7
Duration 3 days
End Pelor's Moon 10

Pelor's Moon, 7

The team just makes it over the bridge with the militia at the bridge and leave the horde on the other side of the gorge.  They arrive at the checkpoint to find Sgt. Strong banging on the checkpoint door before she storms across the bridge to the main encampment.  Grog pulls the cleric aside and asks him about the cursed blade he's currently wielding. The cleric says that the blades normally disintegrate once released for longer than a few seconds. Grog drops the blade and watches the blade turn to dust leaving just a hilt – he sacred flames it to no avail. 

The team slowly works their way across the shorter bridge to the other side of the gorge after the cleric to a large permanent watch tower. Inside, there are four tired looking young men and women trying to figure out what exactly is happening. There is loud yelling and the sound of fists pounding a wooden desks on the floor above, and the recruits look nervous yet slightly enamored. One of young men approaches the group and asks if they're the group who saved the vanguard and slightly fangirls over the party. Grog convinces him that he must get stronger by stripping to his skivies and standing against the storm to which he enthusiastically runs through the door… and is immediately thrown back inside the tower as a large hurricane gust knocks him off his feet. Sgt. Strong comes down from the office and beckons the group to the top floor. 

Inside the office, they see a large human male sporting a serious looking injury to his sides but attempting to look dignified in spite of the pain. He thanks the party for their assistance and offers to expedite their security clearance – should take around a week with some expedience. But Grandma Nim sees through his bulls**t and pushes to be let through the security checkpoint in a more expedient manner. Commander Garrison pushes back until Sgt. Strong intervenes declaring that if he will not grant them passage, she will invoke the Rite of Proxy since they saved her life. The commander seems flustered and angry at the prospect of losing his vanguard commander, but he accepts. The team asks what this ritual means – he informs them that it means that they are marked as guests and connected to Sgt. Strong. Should they commit a crime, she will be equally culpable in it as they. After a short ritual, they all receive a blue arcane mark on their hands matched by a red one on Sgt. Strong's. 

The team sets up their shelter on the edge of camp and invite Strong to sleep with the group, so they can talk and get to know each other.

Pelor's Moon, 9

On the way to Gulm, the party talks with Sgt. Strong and learn that she normally runs a bakery in Gulm called the Strong Spice Bakery, but that she has performed meritoriously in the militia resulting in frequent calls to the front. But the pay from the city and prestige of her position gives her kids and husband a comfortable life in Gulm, so she accepts tours of duty when they arise. She is excited to see her children much earlier than expected. Grog grows suspicious that she's a member of the necromantic cult who has infiltrated the milita forces, but the rest of the group seems to trust her. 

The group arrives at Gulm under the Proxy protection of Strong and witness a public hanging in the central square. After the hanging, a number of small fights break out as people voice their political disagreements between Urmag and Gamli's philosophies. In between fights, the party sees a small girl sprinting among the crowd chased by four thuggish brutes. Mizuki goes to try and distract one of the thugs with a FWAP of her staff, but she is summarily ignored, and she gives chase. Xanders casts a fly spell and catches up with the girl and asks if she wants to fly out of the situation. She agrees clearly seeing the desperation of her situation. Nim and Grog take a leisurely stroll through Gulm as Nim's familiar keeps track of Xander's movements. Mizuki rejoins them once she sees Xanders has the girl safely above the crowd. 

Xanders lands in the boughs of a high tree away from the chase and learns that the girl is a very friendly human named Lily. But quickly, it becomes obvious there's something more to this girl. After some pressing, LIly seems to trust Xanders for saving her life, so she reveals that she is actually possessed by a banshee who shares her mind with her. This is very unusual as banshees normally kill those whom they possess, and it gets weirder still when Lily reveals she's around 400 years old. Lily and Xanders have an acrobatics race down to the bottom, and although Xanders seems to perform much better, he intentionally trips at the end allowing Lily to win at which point she gloats as you would expect a 6-year-old to do. 

The party introduce themselves, and Lily explains her situation. The party and Lily make their way to the tavern, The Flying Helmsorc. Lily asks the party to buy her a beer since, despite her age, she can never get a good beer because of her appearance as a small child. Grog agrees heartily. Xanders talks to the local innkeep to get free lodging for him and his party. The innkeep agrees but only if he can prove who he is. Xanders offers to beat someone in the ring WHILE outperforming the tavern bards. A brutish man comes from the crowd and challenges Xanders. He begins to play a tune to outperform the two bards and rallies the crowd to his side. The brute swings many times – missing mostly but breaking Xander's concentration a couple of times. Finally, Xanders grows tired of this fight and casts levitate on the brute and defeats him with vicious mockery until the man breaks down in tears and leaves the tavern. 

Meanwhile, Lily has been getting into this fight cheering when suddenly her amulet yells before she can panickedly grasp it to keep it quiet. She looks to the group, and they make their way to a room where they can get more privacy. Lily informs the party that in this amulet is a powerful necromancer who used to be her and Petal's master until he attempted to turn on them but was defeated. Her and Petal's mission has been to track down and kill the shards of his soul around the world. Until then, she and Petal must maintain concentration on this amulet, so that he can never break out. At this point, Lily is very tired, and she warns the group that Petal isn't very nice and won't like them, but she needs to sleep. The group agrees, and Xanders plays a nice lullaby for the minute that Lily seems to be asleep. 

Lily slowly gets out of bed, her eyes now glowing with a deep black fire, and she looks at the members of the party in turn. She laments the naivete of Lily and tries to leave before the party can stop her. But Grog offers a deal, and she seems to have some interest as she needs holy water to conduct her ritual but cannot enter any holy temples. The party reveals their mission and ask for help in locating Kiriag or Neerla. 

The amulet goes ballistic, and Petal informs the party that Arkroka, the entity in the amulet has some input. The party agrees to listen.  A deep gravelly voice comes from the amulet saying that he can scry to find their quarry for free. He just wants to witness some carnage and destruction. The party thinks this sounds like a bad idea and that they'd rather help Petal. Petal agrees to try and find their quarry. She jumps from the window and leaves the party alone in the room.

Pelor's Moon, 10

The team prepares to go to the Temple of Pelor to fetch the holy water for Lily and Petal.



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