The Aia Chronicles

Aggressive Negotiations

Well.... That escalated quickly

Grandma Nim went to the Fireside Biscuit (Propriety Meghar)

QUEST ACCEPTED: Retrieve molten lava from the volcano at the center of the island to learn how to make the legendary lava cake!

A new party member appears!

A strange sweaty half-elf wanted to gamble with someone. Picking out Mizuki as a young naive mark she offered to play a card game if she won she would join the party if she lost she would give Mizuki her scarf. She won the game! And gifted Mizuki the scarf regardless. She introduced herself as…. Robert Pattinson…oh!

Captain Liana Attacks

Captain Liana came in and wanted to attack Marlin to reclaim her stolen objects. Marlin talked his way out of it however Liana blamed the sleezy salesman Mardoc instead who had sworn on his mothers life that Marlin stole the goods and sold them to Mardoc (which was true). Liana wanted to execute Mardoc’s mother in repayment for the debt

Marlin was talking Liana died but there was miscommunication within the party. Thinking that the talking was not working and not knowing that Marlin had Charm Person prepared Grog signaled the attack. A large battle ensued. Eventually almost everyone in the party was unconscious but Mizuki landed the final blow on the last pirate. Liana and her whole crew were slain. Unfortunately, Mardoc was slain in the battle.



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