The Aia Chronicles

A Beast Stirs Beneath Gulm

Temples, beggars, and Otyughs

Start Pelor's Moon, 10
Duration 0 days
End Pelor's Moon, 10

Pelor's Moon, 10

The party sets off to the Temple of Pelor. They approach the temple and see a high volume of beggars at the temple. The party approach an older beggar to ask if anything is wrong, and he informs them that the City Watch has evacuated the sewers after a series of disappearances and the appearance of mangled corpses. They do not have the manpower to deal with the issue, so they are simply evacuating the area until they can deal with it.  Grog and the beggar engage in a long political discussion on the relationships between Kord, Pelor, and the other gods.

The party then goes into the temple to see the beautiful, tranquil scene of a Temple of Pelor – beggars and priests tending food plants, clerics treating the wounded and ill, and numerous indigents resting. The party approaches an elderly cleric, Brother Darrion, and asks if they can have some holy water – 10 flasks of it. Darrion tells them they normally just offer small servers to help cure ailments, but if it's to deal with the necromancers, the temple would be happy to provide some high-quality, weapons-grade holy water to the party. It will take them all day, however, and he would like some assistance in return with the city's problem in the sewers. Darrion also offers to provide them with a blessing of Pelor since they are helping the temple. The party agrees, and all but Grog accept the blessing.

The party goes into the sewers, going down and down, until they are up to their waists in water, feces, and filth. They grab some nearby roots and wood to make a raft for Nim since she is too short to wade through the quagmire. They approach the final descent, and Nydry sneaks ahead to scout the hallway at the bottom. She rounds the corner and sees in the hallway a sea of rats feeding on refuse and garbage. She races back up the ramp before the rats take notice and informs the group. They make their way down the ramp and are immediately attacked by swarms of rats – as they fight the rats off, more and more come out of the walls. The party clears the rats out for a moment and make their way hastily down the hallway to a larger room where they spot a large creature submerged in the filth. It roars angrily at them, but in noticing the one in front of them, they fail to notice the one to their right and are ambushed! 

The beasts attack with spiked tentacles and gaping maws of razor sharp teeth – Nydry is lifted from the ground and slammed repeatedly into the ceiling while Grog, Mizuki, and Xanders fight the ambushing creature. Nim stays in the back but becomes swarmed by rats! The group of three take down their target, and Grog rushes to aid Nim while Xanders and Mizuki engage the other tentacled horror. Nydry is nearly unconscious, barely clinging to life, as her friends attack the beast. It grabs Mizuki, but she manages to escape as the beast is brought down by final blow from Grog's sword. He takes the heads of both beasts as trophies. A sea of rats has formed in the hallway, and Xanders casts an enchanting illusion to keep them distracted and allowing them to pass through a sea of rats safely. 

The party makes their way back up to the surface where they present the heads to the head of local Paladinic order, who happened to be at the Temple of Pelor. He thanks them for their service and offers them 500gp for helping the city as well as more weapons grade holy water for their trouble. The party, beaten and battered, make their way to the inn where a note awaits them from the bartender…

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